Five Easy Steps to get some counselling

Step 1 Getting Registered/Logging in

By mobile phone 

Go to the bottom of this page and click the green Register button

It will take you to our secure platform where you can click on the "I want to Talk to a Counsellor" button where you can register or log in.

For PC laptop or tablet

Go to the Home Page and click on the top blue Register Now button to log in or register.

Want to Register or Log in for the Weds Eve Drop-in for a quick chat with a counsellor?

Just click on the appropriate button for your device as described above and instead of the Online Counselling box, please click the Drop-in box. It will appear at the beginning of the week when you can register or log in for Wednesday.

Step 2 Registering

If you are not already registered you will be asked to complete a registration form. Firstly you will be asked for your age and your postcode to check that you are eligible to use the site.

Then you will be shown to a form where you are asked for a few details about yourself and a bit about why you want to talk to a counsellor and what you would like us to help you with.

This is for data purposes only and will not be shared with anyone else. Please see the Confidentiality and Keeping Safe tab for more info.

If you have any difficulty with the form or want to check anything out please email:

Step 3 Getting Started

Once you have completed the registration form you'll be sent an automated email acknowledging your request. If you don't recieve this please check your junk file or email Frankie for help.

Frankie the Administrator will respond with an introductory message within 48 hours.  If  it's a weekend, you will receive a message on the next working day.

This will include some information about who your counsellor is going to be and when you can expect to hear from them.

To view this message, you will need to log in and look at your "My Online Counselling" section of your "My Page" profile and go to the Chat Box to see your message.

You will receive notifications by your email when you have a message from Frankie or your counsellor so if you don't hear from us do check your junk mail files to see if it has gone there.

However, if we don't hear from you then Frankie will check if you still want to go ahead with counselling by sending you a text.



Step 4 Meeting your Counsellor

The next message you will receive will be from your counsellor on the day that they work for E-motion.

In this first message, your counsellor will want to get to know you a bit better and find out what you're hoping to gain from the counselling. They'll also tell you a bit more about how the online counselling works, so that you can decide if it feels right for you.

If you have any questions, your counsellor will be happy to go through these with you. It’s really important to us that everything feels clear, so that you can get on with your sessions. That way you and your counsellor can begin to explore some of the things that are going on in your life and begin to think about what will be the best way forward for you.

You will be asked to read our Counselling Agreement which tells you more about how the service works and what to expect. You will also have the option of completing a short mood form which is done at the beginning and end of the counselling and helps you to know how the counselling is going.

Step 5 Start Counselling

You can choose to exchange weekly messages with your counsellor, which some say is a bit like writing a diary only there's someone there to listen and help you with anything you're concerned about.

Or you can choose to message in real time with your counsellor by arranging a time to meet for an hour each week instead.

It's up to you, although your counsellor can help you decide which feels best. Or you can give both a try.

Don't worry if it feels a bit weird at first or you can't think of anything to say as it does get easier after a few sessions and the counsellor will help you make a start.

Counselling can be quite a brave but challenging thing to do so make sure that you look after yourself after the counselling session is over.

Here are some things that might help after a session :

- going out for a walk
- talking to a friend
- doing something nice for yourself, some treat
- make yourself something to eat
- listen to your favourite relaxing music