Keeping safe online

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about things, particularly if you’re worried that what you’ve talked about might be passed onto someone else.

girl on phone

All emails to the website are confidential, which means that we will not pass what you have told us onto anyone else. However, there are a few special circumstances when we might have to contact someone else as follows;

  1. If you tell us something that leaves us feeling very concerned. For example; if you are feeling suicidal or self harming.
  2. Or when you or someone else is at risk of serious harm through abuse or neglect.

The counsellor will always try and talk to you about this first and ask what you would like to do and to explain what to expect.
If you need any more information about this please feel free to ask as we are happy to help you to understand things fully before you start your counselling.

What we do to protect you

Information over the internet is never 100% safe but here’s what helps……..

  • The counselling is delivered from an encrypted platform purpose built counselling platform
  • We use anti-virus software and firewalls & keep them up to date.
  • We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is the implementation of the Data Protection Act 2018, keeping your information confidential and safe.

TIPS for you to help yourself keep safe online

  • Email us from a space free from prying eyes and where you won’t be interrupted. (home, library, smart phone etc…).
  • Use the Hide Button on the side of the page if you want to hide the website.
  • Delete your website visits.
  •  Check that your computer has antivirus software and keeps up to date.
  • Make sure you use passwords for opening your operating system if you are using a shared computer, and also for your email account.
  • Don’t share your passwords or details of the counselling messages with anyone else.
  • Make sure you log out of the counselling website and log out of your emails if away from your computer. Cover your tracks (See technology page).
  • If you print out emails make sure you store them in a private place.