Counselling Stories

Megan’s Story

I chose online counselling as my shift work patterns changed every week making it impossible to see a f2f counsellor at a regular weekly time. I was feeling low and had problems with my self-esteem which made it difficult for me to say no to people around me and I generally felt that things were getting on top of me.

It really helped to be able to write to my online counsellor any time I felt like it and I felt much supported by her emails and the encouragement she gave me. Online counselling definitely does help you to understand yourself better and it was nice to write to someone who was really friendly and didn’t judge me for what I said. I’m okay now but would definitely do it again.

Charlotte’s Story

I came to online counselling because I didn’t know who to turn to for help. The school was shut for the summer and I couldn’t get free young people’s counselling immediately elsewhere so when I saw the E-motion website on the internet I thought I’d give online counselling a try. I was preparing to go to university in September but felt really anxious about leaving home, especially being my family’s main carer for ages and feeling guilty about letting them down. I had panic attacks and felt I was going mad.

My online counsellor really helped me to calm myself down and to think about what I wanted to do with my life and gave me the confidence to go off to university. It’s a bit like writing a diary but knowing that someone nice and supportive is going to be reading it and helping you to think about things in a different way instead of everything going round and round in your own head, not making any sense at all. I liked having her words with me when I felt a bit wobbly too.  I only had six sessions of online counselling as I felt I didn’t need any more after I started uni but it really helped and I’m thankful that they were there at just the right time.