Smart Phones and Tablets

smartphoneYou might want to think about keeping your emails and browsing history private on your phone or tablet, especially if its a shared tablet computer. For example, if you send email to us, using your normal email account, it can appear on your computer.

If you use your phone for your emails, it might be a good idea to set up a different account and send emails through a browser. See our email page for information on setting up email accounts.

You can also set up private browsing on phones and tablets. How to do this is similar to Private Browsing on a desktop computer (see our desktop computer page).

You might want to put a password on your mobile phone, but remember that you might find yourself in a situation where your parents or someone asks you to unlock your phone.

Here are some links for private modes on popular mobile browsers.

Phones and tablets change quite often, so its impossible to give full instructions. We recommend searching Google or YouTube for full instructions.